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The Matrix Method
is that one program you’ll love to offer! The Matrix portfolio of products has a little bit of everything so you won’t miss out on converting even the toughest customer. When our creative team came together and developed the Matrix Method, we knew you needed a multitude of unique products that progressed from a basic powertrain program to an elite offering. The idea was that no matter your sales situation, you would have a program that would be the answer for every opportunity and dollar!

Much time and effort has been dedicated to getting the Matrix products to where they stand today. Our biggest concern was ensuring we developed what you needed for your customers to give you that ‘yes’. Knowing the challenge today’s sales environment can present, our team built Matrix Warranty Solutions’ innovative programs so that you can make the most of every opportunity.

Matrix Warranty Solutions’ products are backed by strong insurers, supported by the best administrators and have the highest-of-quality coverages on the market. Not only are our marketing features unique and price points extremely competitive, you won’t find anything like them in any other program out there!

Rest assured knowing our software makes the sale process simple and our training program is state-of-the art, focusing on giving your people the desire and confidence they need to present and close the sale!